Why Not Just Be an Atheist?

Good question.  Why not just be an atheist?  But names matter.  Names matter a lot.  Atheists are referred to, or refer to themselves, in the negative.  A-theist, one who is without a god.  How many other movements or beliefs refer to themselves this way?  When one meets a Christian do they introduce themselves as an ‘Anti-Satanist’?  Of course not.  Would a Muslim refer to themselves as ‘Non-Kafir’?  I doubt it.  Would a Jew introduce themselves as ‘Agentile’?  Never in a million years.  And yet, Atheists cannot shake the whole ‘god’ thing, because it’s right there in the name.  People who do not believe in a god can also be given other, less than desirable, labels such as ‘Non-believer’, ‘Nonreligous’, ‘Pagan’ and ‘Nones’ (as in ‘none of the above’ when filling out a form). We find this to be unacceptable. We refer to ourselves as ‘Reasonable’ because it is what we are, not what we are not.